1. Compliance to organization suppresses unproductive movement and enables directional movement.
  2. Compliance to dysfunctional organization results in paralysis.
  3. Non-compliance re-enables movement, albeit disorganized, chaotic, and uncontrolled.
  4. Anarchism calls for non-compliance.
  5. Anarchism is a posture that provides relief from paralysis caused by organizational dysfunction.
  6. Corollary: Organization is something that, when functional and complied to, drives productivity.

  1. Impactful use of funds
  2. Trustworthy money transfer
  3. Minimal requirements to divulge personal information

  1. Money (currency) lets me buy things.
  2. Currency is meaningful as long as I have things to buy and am immersed in the commodity market environment — being aware of how much things cost gives meaning to how…

  1. Freedom is a state of being able to make choices.
  2. Making choices is the only way to establish and re-affirm freedom.
  3. Opportunity is necessary to make a choice.
  4. After a choice is made, the opportunity no longer exists.
  5. Making a choice is a transaction of opportunity.
  6. Opportunity is the currency of freedom.

This post was adapted from a Twitter thread. Yeah.

Nihanth Subramanya

Your everyday geek, and then some. Feed: https://medium.com/feed/@nhnt11

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