The Paradox of Antinatalism

  1. To say the state of the world is sub-par, or that it would be “better off” if some arbitrary thing were different, is to impart a judgment upon it.
  2. Judgment is an inherently human action that rides upon the shoulders of the entire human legacy. Your judgments emerge from your values and your socialization.
  3. Beauty as well as a lack thereof are consequences of human judgment.
  4. Without humans, without you, there’d be no judgment, and so, no beauty.
  5. To argue against human reproduction is to argue against the preservation of human-perceived beauty, which is the only form of beauty a human can know – and thus all beauty as far as we’re concerned.
  6. This is a paradox, because you’ve started with the intention of making something better, but ended up destroying it completely.
  1. That humans are individually, autonomically, and similarly conscious. This means that procreation does in fact carry on the human legacy. One might find it helpful to think of this as “anti-solipsism”.
  2. That life is worth living — or at least that the odds of offspring living a “good” life are high. This, I think, is contextual and varies.




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Nihanth Subramanya

Nihanth Subramanya

Your everyday geek, and then some. Feed:

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