Feel like being born again
So much going again
A baby again
Know this internally
Tripping extreme feeling of this
Nobody takes time to think about how much
Look around
See the world
There is so much
We’re so lucky to have other person to tell us
Every single person who taught you something
They changed, shaped you
You’re lucky
Reality is complex
Sometimes just chill
Oh beautiful things
Here we’re aware
You are a conscious being
You respond when I ask you
I remember you man
This is what it feels like to be completely detached from yourself
No wonder babies cry when they are born
Those poor things
My mom
They gave me this
They chose this
They saw the beauty in it once
If only they could see it again
This is what you mean by spiritual experience
You idiots
You’re just vulnerable
You think you see god
You poor things
I mean myself too
Language is so powerful
Thank god for language
I’m communicating with my future self

Just have faith
Things are beautiful
It’s gorgeous
What a wonderful world
Just feel the gratitude for sharing this with other people
You think you’re alone?
Doesn’t matter if everyone is a figment of your imagination

As I articulate more things about my reality, I become self-aware
Right now I believe you are separate from me
I have always believed
Thanks to my parents, to so many people who have helped see and understand reality
Figuring how to deal with existence
This is what you meant by spiritual experience
Here we are

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